Our corner sealers have height adjustable work table. Thanks to this the sealing seam can go right through the middle of packaging. Sealing seam is done by kanthal tape which, unlike kanthal wire, has significantly longer life. To embed kanthal tape we use material based on epoxy glass with the highest degree of density. Thanks to this the life of guides is extended to maximum. Each sealer has foil dispenser and removable foil perforator. Heat shrink film dispenser has system of quick exchange of the roller, which takes just a few seconds, and adjustable and ergonomic  design of the dispenser makes the work of an operator easier and faster. 

Corner sealers offer
index: Dimension A Dimension B Voltage supply [v] Power [W] PCV Foil  PE foil Availability
ZK3942 420 390 230 V 600 W in stock
ZK3952 520 390 230 V 600 W 10 days
ZK3962 620 390 230 V 600 W 10 days
ZK4542 420 450 230 V 750 W 10 days
ZK4552 520 450 230 V 750 W in stock
ZK4562 620 450 230 V 750 W 10 days
ZK6052 520 600 230 V 850 W 10 days
ZK6062 620 600 230 V 850 W 10 days


Sealer’s symbol
Z K 42 3 9
Sealer Corner Dimension A Dimension B